BP #52 – My New Laser Printer


//My New Laser Printer//

In 2010, my old “all-in-one” printer bit the dust, so I went out to buy a new device. At the time I considered a laser printer, but their initial prices were high and I only thought I needed a cheap all-in-one to fit my needs. I picked up a Brother inkjet printer. As soon as I plugged it in I learned that my new printer lacked a power saving mode, insisted on cleaning itself every day, and wasted ink in the process. My instant realization in .GIF form:

Brother Inkjet Printer

I suffered from Brother-itis for the better part of three years. What really killed me was this: there were four ink cartridges (1 black, 3 colours) and, whenever one colour ran out, the printer stopped working. No magenta? Too bad, can’t print in black and white. When my old printer ran out of ink I just printed in dark navy blue until I got a new cartridge. Not possible with my piece of garbage Brother inkjet printer. I understand that Brother et al make money by selling expensive ink in proprietary cartridges. I don’t begrudge this business model. My issue is that my printer shouldn’t stop me from printing when I still have ink. That level of bull is why I’ll never purchase a Brother product again.

So when I recently got a warning that my cyan ink cartridge was, yet again, low, I snapped. I didn’t care if the printer still “worked” and I would therefore be throwing away its residual value. I was not going to blow $30 on a 3-pack of refilled colour ink cartridges just to print a two-page black-and-white document. I destroyed the Brother printer in the back field a la Office Space. OK, I just put it in the basement but, still, I’m liberated.

I searched around for a new printer. This time, I wanted to go laser and be done with inkjets. Despite my promise to never again look at the FutureShop flyer, I found two laser printers at FutureShop that piqued my interest: the Canon imageClass MF4770n and a dinky single purpose Samsung laser printer.

two laser printers compared by price

(Note the “environmental handling fee” which added well over 10% to the purchase price. Oh, and HST is charged on top of that fee. Like I always say: in Ontario we pay taxes on taxes.)

I could have kept the Brother inkjet nearby ready for the occasional scanning job, but I really wanted to get an all-in-one laser printer and just be done with this nonsense. My time and freedom-from-frustration both have value. This gave the Canon imageClass MF4770n an early lead because it has a scanner (with a paper feed; a feature that you might not appreciate if you haven’t scanned a 20-page document) and fax. Its sale price tag of $89.99 was unbeatable — the cheapest I could find, even on American websites, was about $140. (The printer’s price in the latest FutureShop flyer is back up to $139.99.) I also spent a few minutes looking for reviews and found that they were positive. So when we were in town for our weekly shopping trip, I picked one up:

My new Canon MF4770n Laser Printer

It prints 24 pages a minute, which puts it on par with the printer in any office I’ve worked in. It’s big and heavy and feels pro. Most importantly, whenever the sample-sized toner cartridge runs out, I’ll need to buy a $32 cartridge and should then be able to print for years without being hassled. I haven’t calculated the cost-per-sheet but I’m confident I’ll save money. (I’m embarassed to admit how much I spent on ink for my old printer during the summer.) Perhaps most importantly I’ll save time and frustration. Good riddance, Brother.

//Catherine, Catherine, bo-batherine, Banana-fana fo-fatherine, Fee-Fi-mo-matherine, Catherine!//

She likes the new sheets She loves when I make the bed around herMy baby and my similarly sized pansourrati Back of her head Sleepy

By the way, this is the 52nd Blog Party; TF’s “gold jewelry” anniversary is next Friday!

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  1. “”So when I recently got a warning that my cyan ink cartridge was, yet again, low, I snapped”

    Maybe it’s just me, but that’s one of the funniest things I’ve read on a PF blog :).

    Printers are the plague of modern society. Despite our office going as paperless as possible, we still have to print a ton, so we go through printers regularly. I’ve looked into it through the years and if you don’t want to ‘snap’ :) then it’s best not to get too attached to printers. Treat both the printer and the consumables as disposable items.

    One tip I would share for small offices is to seperate the scanner and the printer. Printers are disposable, a decent quality scanner is not. We scan a huge amount (not just our paperwork, but I have a hobby of scanning antique books:
    http://www.lifeinsurancecanada.com/books ) and we keep a scanner seperately. And those, you can pick up an enterprise class scanner on fleabay for next to nothing. I bought a superfast duplex scanner a decade ago and it’s still working perfectly today – after 100′s of thousands of scans. That way when you buy a printer, you’re not having to pay for a new scanner as well. That’s not viable for personal use,but for small businesses, absolutely do this.

  2. I still have a working dot matrix printer you can borrow if you run out of ink. The ribbons cost $12 for a pack of 4, and you can always re-ink them yourself it that’s too pricey. One ribbon prints about one carton of paper.

    Noise? That’s what they invented basement doors for. Send print job. Make tea. Come back, read print job. : )

  3. I liked the vision of you with a bat at the back of Office Space; and I know exactly how you feel. Cute baby :).

    • lol thanks! I can’t understate how lucky I feel.

      And yeah I’ve got the garbage printer, a farmer’s field, and a high def camera in my BlackBerry… I should really do some target practice and put it on YouTube!

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