BP #44 – Pizza Hut Big Box Deal


///Pizza Hut Big Box Deal///

Pizza Hut recently introduced the Pizza Hut Big Box to its Canadian restaurants. For $30, plus tax, you get a huge variety of food:

  • Two medium pizzas with two toppings on each
  • Ten boneless chicken wings
  • Breadsticks
  • Cinnaparts
  • A $10 gift voucher (This doesn’t really merit consideration because it can only be used between January 7th and January 20th and for purchases of more than $25. But I suppose it’s something.)

Pizza Hut Big Box Deal

This deal offers a great variety of delicious food in large quantities (in my opinion, Pizza Hut offers the best chain restaurant pizza). My partner and I got this deal last Friday night and it fed us for a good part of the weekend.

But I don’t settle for merely OK deals. There’s another special on the PizzaHut.ca website: you get 20% off your first online order. After this discount, we only paid $27.11 in total rather than $33.89. Obviously, at either price, it would be extremely expensive to survive on Pizza Hut. But for a small buffet of food, 27 bucks ain’t bad.

///Catherine Holly Wood///

I love snowflakesShe kept doing this to herself, so we gave her a different hat.

No, seriously, I LOVE snowflakeslet me sing you the song of my people

Speaking of Financial Uproar, don’t forget to enter the FU contest. There are two books, five Slurpees, and $100 in gift cards up for grabs.
///Tweet(s) of the Week///
///Keyword Fun///

Money-Stupid Keyword Award goes to:

which group resp plan is best

You’re seriously considering a Group RESP?

Double Money-Stupid Keyword Award goes to:

the brick keurig

OK, why would you artificially limit your search to the most expensive possible retailer?

Ouch Award goes to:

why i won’t give to trent university

Sure, I was oppressed by leftists like any intelligent person who attends Trent, but 9/10 profs were excellent, I attended on full scholarship, and my critical thinking skills flourished. If I were super rich I’d give money to Trent.

Notably missing keyword to SEO-optimize this post by increasing the keyword density:

pizza hut big box


A documentary that shows how the Hamas dictatorship terrorizes/brutalizes people, particularly women (e.g. jail sentences for adultery. Seriously).


1. Regular TF Reader Adam P. brought this article to my attention: “8 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness”. As he noted, it’s just a summary from a year-old study, but it has some interesting advice nonetheless. Typically I promote delayed gratification as a saintly personal finance trait but, apparently, it can also make you happier.

2. “The Top 5 Corporate Twitter Disasters of 2012” is another interesting list (man, I usually hate “list” articles so much). It was written by the CEO of HootSuite so, while I abhor the label “social media expert” as laughably pretentious, the guy clearly knows his Twitter. Disaster #2 goes to a famous Canadian brand (congrats, Loblaw!).

3. I’m not a big fan of China’s lack of democracy, its regressive foreign policy, nor its mass currency manipulation which has starved North American manufacturing. India is staging a witty diplomatic protest against China’s repression of subversive information and the communist country’s aggressive land-grabbing. How? Visa stamps.

///Not lol-worthy///

Every free citizen should be concerned about our increasingly militarized police. And if you think Canada is better off than the States, you’re wrong. While American police and politicians want to disarm their population, the powers-that-be have already accomplished this in Canada. We don’t presently live in a police state. But based on many Canadian examples, some of which I’ve highlighted on this blog, it seems that we’re headed that way.

///lol-worthy – the “I’ll miss Rob Ford” edition///

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression from these images. They’re funny, but Rob Ford’s removal from office is disgusting. It is an example of an un-elected political appointee wielding an unjustifiable amount of power and discretion to remove from office an elected official and to spit on the will of the people. Also, I found it ironic and cruel the way in which leftists openly bullied Ford about his weight and general goofiness. A small, extremist political minority (with too much time on its hands because its members are all unemployed users of Apple products) has yet again gamed Ontario’s socialist legislation to chip away at freedom – in this case, they’ve successfully overthrown the result of a democratic election to reflect their own will. While the following images have been propagated largely by left wing pinkos, they are hillarious.

I really will miss Rob Ford. He was a people's Mayor and often unintentionally hilarious.

gravy has arrived

i will miss rob ford 2

more gravy?

City Hall burns

i will miss rob ford 3

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  1. Wait a minute – the “only” weekly carnival you read, eh? Interrrrresting…

    What am I, chopped liver? ;)

    • lol! The Sunday Reader is not a Blog Carnival. You accept submissions but clearly you treat submissions more as “tips” for investigation and most of the posts you find yourself. It’s definitely a “roundup”. Between BCM’s, Boomer&Echo (theirs is only bi-weekly), and the TF Sunday Reader, yours is one of 3 roundups I read every week.

  2. Thanks for the mention!!
    Have an awesome weekend.

  3. Obsequious, indeed, well played…

    The Stand-off touched me in a way that I cannot enunciate

  4. Thanks for the link Joe! Let it be known that the hottest stock tips are available on TF first.

    • lol I have looked back at my Automodular call and couldn’t believe how correct I was (entirely luck, btw) — after I did my post they announced a $0.26 / share special dividend (over 10% of the stock’s value) to accompany its quarterly dividend that adds up to 10%+ per annum. Even ex- both dividends, the stock is up 12% from my entry point.

      • Two good calls? I think that’s enough to set up a $300/month newsletter.

        • lol it’d be funnier if there weren’t suckers out there willing to buy that kind of “INVEST IN PENNY STOCKS MAKE 32,329,232% RETURNS MONTHLY” drivel. (Uh oh, that last sentence might get me banned by my own SPAM filter hahah). And it’s even worse when they charge for the newsletter and then use it for pump ‘n’ dump scams. If there’s one reliable facet of human nature, it’s greed. I should do a “INVEST IN PENNY STOCKS eBook FREE WITH TF’s Daily Newsletter” and just list Vanguard index funds.

          • I never even thought of having people pay to participate in a pump and dump scheme! I’ll need to really educate myself if I ever want to start a stock scam.

            I’d love to see a product that fools the fools by tricking them into an actual good investment. You just need to write a report every month on how the index is poised to surge 50% because of some backroom deal by the government.

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