BP #38 – Help My Daughter Get Free Money


///ING Kids Bonus for my Daughter///

I’ve written before about how Canadians can get free money from ING Direct. But is there an ING kids bonus? At this very moment, yes. I got a postcard this week from ING Direct:

ING Kids Bonus Canada 1ING Kids Bonus Canada 2

I’m not sure if this is only for existing customers. But luckily we’re well-positioned to take advantage of it to benefit our baby, Cat. Here’s my beautiful daughter in case you forgot what she looks like:

Cat needs money for Medical School

Sometime after she gets the $25 bonus in her new savings account, we’ll put her savings into an RESP, resulting in an immediate 20% grant on the funds. This effectively turns $100 into $150, risk-free. Assuming compound interest neutralizes the ravages of inflation, that’ll be enough for a biology textbook. But you may be able to help her acquire more educational savings, and get yourself some free money, too. Hear me out.

You’re likely well aware that if you open an ING Direct account using somebody’s Orange Code, then you get $25 and the referrer gets $25 (so long as you fund your new account with $100).

My partner opened her account using my Orange Key, so we both got a bonus. My partner now has her own Orange Code: “38658955S1“. Here’s the deal: any referral bonus that my partner gets, she will deposit into Cat’s savings account. That means that you and Cat will each get 25 bucks. Copy the Orange Key (“38658955S1“) and click here to sign up. The process is quick and easy.

Remember, Cat’s $25 will turn into $30, thanks to an RESP grant. And it’ll earn compound interest. Medical school is expensive! (Speaking of Medical School, check out her Halloween costume in the next section.)

That’s as close to a “win-win” as it gets. Copy the code “38658955S1“ and click here to sign up!

And the “new customer” bonus is separate from the “Kids account” bonus. If you’ve got a child, look into setting up an account for him or her to get the limited-time ING Kids offer!

On an unrelated note, Steve Zussino of GroceryAlerts.ca liked the new cartoon avatars discussed in yesterday’s post. He commented on Facebook, however, that I looked like a teenager in my avatar. So I sent him an edited caricature that I’ll be using for Movember:

Coming Soon: "My Best Financial Tip" and Movember

///Catherine a.k.a. “Chatty Cathy”///

Cat in her pumpkin onesie

For Halloween, we had planned on doing a turtle costume — using a green onesie and buying a costume shell for her to wear. But we couldn’t find a turtle shell (Ninja Turtles must not be popular this year. Dumb kids.). Instead we’ve gone with a more aspirational costume and ordered it online:

Cat is confused by her mitts

Cat smiling ridiculously


Sometimes an article seems to “click” with Dear Readers. Last week’s post “Living Life to the Fullest with Macro Frugality” seems to have been one of those articles.

Sir BCM, always marching to the beat of a different drummer, liked “Don’t Hire Broke Spies” enough to put it in his weekly roundup.
///Amendments and Addenda///
  • Regular commenter Kathy gave me a cool (hot?) idea this week, but I’m waiting til next week to discuss it further.
///Tweet(s) of the Week///
///Keyword Fun///

Money-Smart Keyword Award goes to:

how to maximize a professional wardrobe with a few items

Here’s part 1 of 4 in Adina’s series on building a frugal work wardrobe. All four posts are now uploaded, so sit down and read them. You’ll learn a lot.

Money-Stupid Keyword Award goes to:

how much does it cost to light a 40 watt bulb for an hour in ontario

Like a penny dude, quit stressing.

lol wut? Keyword Award goes to:

compare price between pizza hut and swiss chalet

It’s not even the same kind of food.

Notably missing keyword to SEO-optimize this post by increasing the keyword density

ING Kids


I always assumed that the Old Spice commercials were produced with a ton of digital editing. Turns out that they were (e.g. CGI fish), but they also used a single shot and a ton of moving props.

I’m in this Investor Education Fund video six times (two of my “sightings” are literally blurs). It’s like playing Where’s Waldo?


If you happened live under a rock specifically for the last week (I dunno, maybe you were testing out a new lifestyle?), then watch this video to catch up:

///Quote of the Week///

“Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.”

- Major General John Stark


1. Apparently, Millennials are spurning “ownership” in favour of “access” – e.g. instead of car ownership, Gen Y wants to use ZipCar. The author pretends this is some kind of extremely special social trend; in which case, the most ahead-of-its-time business model would have been the now-defunct Blockbuster. Millennials do want to own homes and cars. They’re just broke.

2. Dollar store chain 99 Cents Only is opening a Beverly Hills location. Big news? Not really. Dollar stores are pretty awesome. The neat part is that the Canadian Pension Plan is heavily investing in American dollar stores, which proves about six of my beliefs in one fell swoop. Why isn’t CPP piling into Canadian real estate!?

3. Speaking of which, I read a great article on Seeking Alpha called (Uh) Oh! Canada, by a CFA from Washington state. It presents yet another statistics-based, highly-convincing argument that Canada’s housing bubble is going to implode sooner than later. Bonus points for the use of frightening graphs.

4. Yes! I finally have a sound justification for taking a daily multivitamin. I’m 8% less likely to die of cancer. Actually I think it’s now fair to say that I am, in fact, invincible.

5. I found this tour of Google’s data facilities to be interesting. Maybe the internet really is a series of tubes.


Periodic Rings Favorite Part of Mass Srsly, Google? (BTW, your author actually made this one) Rock Paper Scissors fallacy Play the Game to WIN Grass Chair If he's doing a wheelie, does it mean he was wounded in battle? Yes This is Dog When You See It...

Use sub-folders, idiot.

Toronto Seasons Snakes on a Plane

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  1. I have been a Dollar Store shopper for years – Canada still hasn’t seen the level of dollar stores like the US.

    • Every time I’m in the States, I’m so jealous. They have real “DOLLAR” stores; nothing over a dollar. And the selection is better than Dollarama — where some items now cost as much as three bucks. One that I stopped by in Lewiston had a frozen food section; and it wasn’t gross food, we’re talking reasonable and often name brand items.

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