BP #15 – This Old Back


///Not Operating Heavy Machinery///

As you all know, I’ve been busily labouring at various physical tasks during the last week and a half. I’ve also assembled pictures of other interesting projects I’ve been up to, such as changing my air filter and killing ants en masse, so stay tuned for posts to come.

On Tuesday evening, I managed to reactivate an injury from a year and a half ago or so. My back is really, really sore. It’s feeling better, after a day of laying down and popping pills, and another day of taking it easy. But I’m still not going to test my limits anytime soon. My back issues significantly impede the amount of work that I can get done; I thought that – this time around – I was working within my limits. Unfortunately, those limits have been significantly lowered (as have my demands) and the injury manifested itself. Alas.

///The Movie Project///

I like good movies. The majority of movies produced are absolutely terrible; very rarely do I actually like a film. My partner has seen, based on my standards, very few good movies. Since we have some free time now, I composed a (growing) list of films to watch. The list is already long. We’ve previously knocked off quite a few of my all-time faves (e.g. Sin City, Watchmen, and Goodfellas) but there are many more to go! This week, we watched Apollo 13, The Shawshank Redemption, and Saving Private Ryan. Any suggestions?

///Riley and Daisy///

The world’s cutest personal finance pups, Riley and Daisy spent last weekend on the farm with me. What an amazing time :)

Riley and Daisy

We visited my aunt and frolicked in the yard.

Riley and Daisy

No interest in the bag of puppy chow. Pine cone took precedence. They’re coming to visit again tomorrow!

///Tweet of the Week///

///Keyword Fun///

Money-Smart Keyword Award goes to:

“i don’t deserve a vacation”

Probably not.

Money-Stupid Keyword Award goes to:

“canadians are idots bubble”

This could have been money-smart – if only the searcher had spelled “idots” correctly :(

lol wut? Keyword Award goes to:

“what steps can buyers take to ensure that they have a successful purchase and sufficient “wiggle room” wikipedia”

I googled this, and sure enough this article by me was result #1. Completely beyond me. Besides the incredible length, this search doesn’t seem particularly strange until you get to the end. At the end, you realize the person was hoping to find a definitive answer to their obscure question in a very particular place. Incredible.

///Amendments and Addenda///

Some people were not pleased with my garbage bag curtains. I’d like to clarify that they’re awesome.

Adina of Blue Collar Red Lipstick added an interesting article to yesterday’s discussion: http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2011/10/30/the-new-science-behind-your-spending-addiction.html


Bridget Casey at MoneyAfterGraduation apparently thinks she’s as adoreable as MK/Ashley Olsen at age 8. No comment lol.


1. 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself - read through this. Honest self-reflection is a very good thing.

2. How to Live Unhappily Ever After - at first brush, this is opposed to the aforementioned article. But its theme is similar and pretty awesome: stop pretending or desperately trying to achieve an imaginary state.

3. Why U.S. Home Prices Won’t Recover – why do I need to turn to the American media to see/read commonsense? Housing, in the long run, doesn’t beat inflation. Regression to the mean has always happened, until the recent bubble in Canada. Should we bet against history? It’s incredible to hear an economist talk about “utility” and recommend that Americans buy houses, but that they shouldn’t do it for price appreciation. Why? Because a house is not an investment unless you rent it out.

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4 Comments… Share your views

  1. I think the reason you find most movies terrible is because you watch mostly Hollywood stuff.
    *Puts hipster glasses and low-cut vest on*
    Anyhow I have some recommendations for movies that might interest you. Be warned that some of them are not in English so as long as you don’t mind subtitles take a look at some of these ones here:

    – “Goodbye Lenin!”: A great drama-comedy film about a guy, his sister, and his friends trying to recreate life in East Germany for his ill mother as the country gradually moves towards unification with West Germany. The film’s fantastic in showing problems with not only Communism but of formerly Communist countries trying to make the move towards a Western-capitalist style economy.
    - “Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others)”: Fantastic suspense-drama about an agent of the East German Stasi security force monitoring the life of a controversial playwright while at the same time trying to protect him and his wife from the clutches of other Stasi agents. Both the suspense and drama are well-done I think.
    - “Rip! A Remix Manifesto”: Wonderful and very informative NFB documentary about issues relating to copyright laws. I know that it’s done by some hippy who has this “corporations are evil” bias in the movie but I think he does a great job in illustrating how current copyright laws negatively affect consumers. I especially love the part where Girl Talk (Greg Gillis) talks about how copyright laws are actually detrimental to medical research. You can watch it for free on the NFB website!
    - “Der Untergang (Downfall)”: The source of all those “Hitler finds out…” YouTube videos and one of my all-time fav movies. The best portrayal I think of the final days of Hitler and the Third Reich. Great performances by some of Germany’s finest actors as well as great action scenes of the Red Army closing in on Berlin.

    Anyways hope you like the movies I suggested if you haven’t seen them already.

    • I think Der Untergang is the most interesting to me, because I love films that feature the downfall and/or death of Hitler lol. I’ve heard of “The Lives of Others” so I may check out some reviews.

  2. Godfather I and II but not III well ok, watch III but its not as great…

    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

    Cool Hand Luke.

    • I’ll definitely add Cool Hand Luke. We have Godfather I/II on the list and I said the exact same thing “If we get around to it, you should watch III but it’s kind of awful” lmao.

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